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‘Doing’ Systems Leadership: Lessons from The Leadership Indaba

A small group of experienced senior managers and leaders from health, social care, and business came together in an ‘Indaba’, a ‘conference of wise leaders’, to share their experiences of leading systems change and, in doing so, to challenge each other’s approach. We used the African term Indaba to differentiate the discussions from traditional workshops or meetings, as we wanted to emphasise the ‘think and do’ nature of the participants. Doing Systems Leadership – Lessons from The Leadership Indaba is a summary of our learning, published: November 2015.

360 Degree Narrative Feedback Tool

The 360° narrative feedback approach has been designed to help you develop effective feedback relationships in support of your leadership and management practice. This is an innovative approach to developmental feedback, founded on robust qualitative research theory and methods. There are limited copies available.  Please contact cihm@leeds.ac.uk for further information.

Working in Systems: The Landscapes Framework

Systems thinking offers both a way of understanding the world and a way of intervening to make things happen. In other words, theory can be intensely practical when it helps you decide what to do. We suggest that the type of systems thinking that is useful depends on the environment you find yourself in and determines the sort of practice that is likely to be effective. We describe a Landscapes Framework which offers a way of thinking about different types of situation in which people work together on a problem. Each of the landscapes calls for a different set of tactics in order to produce the successful behaviour that gets things done. These are limited copies available.  Please contact cihm@leeds.ac.uk for further information.

Future Scenarios for the NHS: The Uncertainties of Change

Derived from interviews conducted in 2010, the purpose of this report is to shed some light on this complex picture, and to make visible the current potential future scenarios for the NHS and health provision that are adopted anywhere. We found that everyone we interviewed has only a partial picture of what is happening; no single person had a view around how the whole thing works. Without a scenario for the whole, the system cannot function to realise the policy intent.



The Darzi Fellowship in Clinical Leadership Evaluation

CIHM evaluated the Darzi Fellowship in Clinical Leadership during its 4th, 5th, and 6th year. The evaluation established the manner in which the Darzi programme enabled a more innovative and structured approach to learning about leadership and the extent to which this cascaded within the sponsoring organisations, creating enhanced capacity building.

The Leeds Institute for Quality Healthcare Evaluation

This evaluation was commissioned by Leeds Institute of Quality Healthcare (LIQH) in order to understand and evaluate the role LIQH is playing in the development of Leeds as a high-performing healthcare system, particularly in relation to systems leadership. The evaluation has been conducted for the last two years, and will continue into Year 3. For more information about LIQH, please visit www.leedsqualityhealthcare.org.uk.


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