Coproduction and Partnerships: 
Working in Partnerships – Workshops for Leadership Teams

Using systemic based approaches, the Centre has considerable experience in enabling leadership for health to deal with complex challenges in uncertain and turbulent times. Partnerships are a fundamental requirement to deliver effective outcomes, particularly in health and well being. A single agency or organisation is likely to have a very limited impact on enabling people and communities to achieve healthier lifestyles and reducing health inequalities. Our approach draws from this experience of enabling more skilful and focused partnership working and recognises the particular challenges faced by senior leaders working in peer groups both outside and within the more traditional frameworks of bureaucracy, and positional authority.

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CIHM has developed a way of approaching partnership issues – helping leaders determine the type of issue they need to partner on and how best to undertake that partnership work. Leaders find this extraordinarily useful, and we have published and developed workshops to support this approach in practice

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Whole Systems Working Paper – Working in Systems: The Landscapes Framework


[intlink id="3966" type="page"]We have also developed a unique set of workshops to support Leading as Peers[/intlink] – so that Leaders can work together across organisational boundaries to deliver systems change.

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