Lesley carried out a review of the function and fitness for purpose of the PCT Professional Executive Committee which was part of the PCT response to Dr. Colin-Thome’s mid-Staffs report. We requested that the report include options for further action. Lesley carried out this sensitive task in a way which earned the respect of all involved while delivering the project objectives. She was clearly knowledgeable regarding the current NHS landscape and did her desktop research. Lesley also brought a range of skills to the project so that her way of working in effect included a coaching contribution for many of those involved which has already had a positive impact on the function of the existing PEC and has helped officers of the PCT develop their thinking regarding the successor group to the PEC, We were also appreciative of her willingness to step in,at short notice,  and facilitate a PEC timeout regarding the progress of the review. Lesley led us through a very enjoyable and fruitful discussion despite the challenging nature of the subject matter.

Sue Butler

Hull PCT


H3Plus is a Practice Based Commisioning consortium in North West Leeds. The organisation formed in April after a coalescence of 3 smaller and relatively disparate PBC groups. An essential part of the process was the development of the Board whose function was to make strategic decisions on behalf of the membership. We decided to contract Lesley Smith to facilitate this process as well as provide coaching to the executive team members.

The relationship with Lesley was hugely influential throughout the 1st year of our existence. She gave invaluable input specifically into the areas of cultural change, risk management, decision making process and upskilling of the management capability within the organisation. By April 2009 it was felt that we had the knowledge and skills to “go it alone” and have continued to progress despite the tight finncial climate. I have no doubt that a large measure of our success is due to the essential organisational development skills which Lesley brought with her and would have no hesitation in recommending her for any organisation looking for similar developmental work.

Dr Gordon Sinclair

Chair H3plus PBC Group

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