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Enhancing the role of medicine in the management of European Health Systems

A COST action.

CIHM is now part of an international research network which intends to increase our understanding of the changing roles of medical professions in the management of health care. With colleagues from the Centre for Employment Relations, Innovation and Change also based in the Leeds Business School we will be coordinating comparative research in 19 different countries.

The support for this activity comes from a successful COST bid. COST –European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical research was the first and is the widest European network for the coordination of nationally funded research. The funds provided support the coordination costs of the research networks (actions) while the research itself is funded nationally. The driving principle is that by encouraging participants of the international research community to work more closely together we can make more effective use of scarce research funding. This in turn will contribute to the broader goals of the EU and specifically in our case help better inform those who work in, for and use our health services.

Our joint work programme for which we receive a financial contribution will include;

vWorking group meetings

vScientific workshops and seminars

vShort term scientific missions or exchange visits (STSM’s)

vTraining schools and research conferences


‘Medicine in Management’

International Research Network

Our ‘Medicine and Management’ International Research Network is the result of a four  year (2009 -2013) research collaboration (“doctors in management”), funded by EU COST (Cooperation in Science and Technology). The network consists of a multidisciplinary group of researchers – currently holding academic, management and policy roles – interested in the role played by medicine (and other health professions) in the management of hospitals and the delivery of high quality services.  Members collaborate to conduct comparative research, with work to date having focused on the following issues:

This work has resulted in a number of publications, with a monograph due out in 2015. Members of the network present regularly at international conferences and in November 2013 we hosted a conference for over 50 academics and practitioners from across Europe, signalling the end of the COST Action and our intention to continue working in this area.


Anyone interested in collaborating in research in this area should contact the CIHM or the related founding member.


Founding Members 

Professor Mike Dent (User involvement and voice within health systems)

University of Staffordshire, UK


Professor Ian Kirkpatrick (Medical management roles and governance)

Leeds University Business School, UK


Dr Ellen Kuhlmann (New relationships in hospital governance and the influence of gender in healthcare)


Professor Federico Lega (Medical management roles and governance)

Bocconi University, Milan, Italy


Dr Susan Hamer (Innovation in Healthcare)

NIHR Clinical Research Network, Leeds, UK


Dr Thomas Plochg (Innovation in Healthcare)

Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam, Netherlands


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