CIHM Academics at the University of Leeds: 
Stephen King

Co-producing Health, Networks and Innovation


I’m fascinated by how organisations embrace technology and innovation and make it work for them. What’s equally fascinating is why it so often doesn’t work as planned. Clearly there are complex dynamics at play here. This has led to three interrelated streams of enquiry:

1. Understanding the dynamics of information systems innovation
2. Electronic government / Transformational government

3. Co-Producing Health

My third area of interest builds on the theme of citizen-centric public services addressed in my Transformational Government work. Co-production involves service users/patients working alongside professionals to develop public services and make them more effective. It is a radically different approach to public service design and delivery entailing considerable patient involvement and responsibility together with new relationships between patients and health professionals.

Currently I am working on the evaluation of a new approach to the self-management of diabetes with Bolton Primary Care Trust and the Design Council. Working alongside me are Nene Ankrah from the Business School and Becky Malby from the Centre for Innovation in Health Management at Leeds.

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