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Press Release May 31st 2012

New evidence of increased quality for patients when Doctors are on NHS Boards


Research by Leeds University Business School has shown that having more doctors on NHS Trust Boards increases patient satisfaction rates, and lowers patient morbidity rates.

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Despite the Government’s best efforts over the last ten years to get more doctors and nurses onto the boards of NHS Trusts, this research (the first survey of its kind) has found that the boards remain dominated by non-clinicians, such as accountants and managers. Clinicians make up an average of just 26% of board members in English hospital trusts, with major variations around the country.

The research, led by Professor Ian Kirkpatrick, looks at the relationship between having doctors on the boards of trusts and patient satisfaction rates, patient morbidity rates and how highly the hospital’s management is regarded. Essentially, having more doctors on the board increases patient satisfaction rates, and lowers patient morbidity rates.

This has implications for Conservative plans for the NHS because having doctors on trust boards increases the likelihood of the hospital receiving a 4* (HC) rating. This in turn suggests that hospitals can significantly improve through better management and without the need for major structural reform. Government’s plans for NHS are unproven; but this paper gives a proven way to make the NHS more effective without major alterations.

Research highlights:


Please see a full copy of the report for more details – Clinicians and Boards



The research was conducted by academics at Leeds University Business School across the Centre for Innovation in Health Management and the Centre for Employment Relations, Innovation and Change.

This is linked to CIHM’s National Inquiry into Management and Medicine which can be found at

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