Click me We – a diverse network of academics, organisational change consultants and service people (managers doctors, patients and health professionals), are pioneering and developing groundbreaking bespoke, tailored solutions , plans and processes carefully developed for each individual project. These bring innovation , forward-thinking techniques and new ways to manage, organise and implement — delivering timely and relevant solutions to the heart of problems in health and public service management systems.

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CIHM Manifesto 2014

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Accountable Care: Learning from Utah

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What our clients say

A life affirming leader is one who knows how to rely on and use the intelligence that exists everywhere in the community, the company, the hospital, or the organisation. A leader these days needs to be a host – one who convenes diversity, who convenes all viewpoints in creative processes where our intelligence can be released.


Margaret Wheatley, The Berkana Institute:

University of Leeds business school

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