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Leadership and Management

DSC_5496Leaders have a critical role in shaping systems and organisations. We work with leaders from different organisational levels, backgrounds, and contexts – notably clinical and community leaders.

We develop you to lead complex adaptive systems. Such leaders need to:

  • Provide clarity of purpose and expectations, determined through engagement
  • Lead decisions that are congruent and consistent with this purpose and the articulated values of the system
  • Be clear about the system’s boundaries, about expectations of performance and behaviour from both the whole system and individuals within it, and about responsibilities and accountability processes
  • Contextualise – help the system make sense of the context in which it works
  • Question underlying assumptions that govern the system’s actions
  • Connect the system to itself through dialogue and feedback processes and reflexive practice – spend time in conversations for understanding, possibility and change
  • Be mindful of language and use stories to generate an identity that is consistent with purpose and expectations
  • Generate ‘rules of thumb’ – the guiding principles that govern behaviour and decisions
  • Be confident in ambiguity, knowing when to apply heat and when to create calm
  • Encourage multiple perspectives and see that conflict and difference are necessary to generate new solutions
  • Understand the impact of power in systems and put in place processes that ensure power works productively – they are conscious of ideology, roles, connections
  • Be flexible and resilient
  • Seek sustainable long-term change and manage anxiety in the short term.

Leadership Development Programmes

We work in real time, on real issues. We use the latest ideas and evidence-based approaches to complex change. Our support is bespoke and everything we do is designed with and specifically for you.

Evaluations consistently show the impact of our leadership development programmes, which really stretch participants both individually and collectively.

Further information

Leadership & Management Research

We have particular expertise in clinical leadership and on the relationship between medicine and management. This includes our world-class research in this area.

Our 2009 National Inquiry into Management and Medicine demonstrates the critical importance of the relationship between clinicians and managers, and this underpins much current thinking in the NHS. In 2012 we published Clinicians and Boards, which showed the direct correlation between the inclusion of doctors on NHS boards and the quality of services.

As a result of the 2009 Inquiry we have:

  • Created a free online toolkit for doctors and managers, to improve the quality of relationships and therefore services within their organisations and communities
  • Gained European funding to lead an academic research network across the continent, Enhancing the Role of Medicine in the Management of European Health Systems.

Resources on Leadership & Management

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