Centre for Innovation in Health Management

Innovation & Change

We focus on understanding and creating the conditions in which change occurs. We recognise that social systems change constantly. This happens when a system’s identity gets perturbed by something that resonates internally – ie it is contextual. Building an understanding of context and asking meaningful questions are ways to initiate change in a system.

We are interested in how ideas spread, and the organisational and system factors that can impede or facilitate innovation. Innovation can be thought of as an evolutionary process based on three key elements which constantly interact – generating new possibilities, amplifying positive adaptations, and eliminating adaptations that are no longer useful enough. Our focus is on the ‘system as innovator’ as opposed to the ‘individual as innovator’.


The Centre for Innovation in Health Management has developed an approach to quality improvement that takes you through every stage of developing an improvement project from planning, designing and testing through to implementation, evaluation and spread. The IMPROVE CARE model for education provides a framework for continuous improvement that is underpinned by the CARE approach, leading to sustained change. The model developed by Natalie Leach at the University of Leeds, builds upon existing improvement methodology, with an integrated and explicit people focus and is a distillation of the key lessons from LIQH delivery since 2014.

The Leeds Institute for Quality Healthcare

The Leeds Institute for Quality Healthcare is a partnership initiative between the University of Leeds, the three Clinical Commissioning Groups, Leeds City Council and the three NHS Trusts in Leeds. Based on international best practice, it aims to secure improvements in healthcare across the city. We do this by supporting collaborative conversations and networks at system level, developing system-level leadership for quality, using data analysis and improvement techniques to make changes, and involving patients/service users in decision making.

We believe that decisions made between professionals and patients based on good data leads to better care, and that clinical professionals need senior management support to give great care that works across the hospital and home settings.

Our vision is to improve quality across the health system in Leeds by creating a culture of best quality clinical care at the best value, with patients, service users and carers as partners in decision-making based on good data.


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