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In 2011 the Leeds Hub group of the international Shaping Health Systems Network met to decide what we could do together to make a difference. The small group comprised of health leaders from a range of sectors. We shared a belief that if people are partners in the design and delivery of health services then health care as we know it could be transformed.

We believe that where professionals and users co-design, co-deliver and co-resource solutions, then people (we all) get a better deal. This includes better health outcomes for users and a better provider experience for professionals.

Our Insights

Our partnership brought a range of services for drug and alcohol together with ex-users and ex-offenders to co-produce a programme. We knew the current service is expensive and we are sure we could generate better outcomes for the same – if not less – money if users and providers and commissioner worked together.

We did not consult – instead we generated an analysis, solutions, and ideas for how to put these solutions into practice.

Our Challenge

Our challenge was whether it was possible to co-produce health across the city. We recognised that users are an asset and a resource, but that using that resource in partnership with service providers has proved difficult. As a network our power came only from taking the initiative. At the time we knew drug and alcohol abuse was a growing problem, but was not a high priority for the city. Our ‘plan’ was to bring about systemic change in drug and alcohol services in Leeds.

We narrowed down our thinking to two questions:

A few years later, Co-producing Leeds achievements include:

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