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We can achieve great things through collaboration. This is why the The Leeds Institute for Quality Healthcare (LIQH) is a partnership. It unites the Centre for Innovation in Health Management (CIHM), the three Clinical Commissioning Groups, Leeds City Council, and the three NHS Trusts.

Together we’ve developed programmes for health and care professionals in Leeds to build the skills and collaborative networks needed to secure lasting improvements to healthcare.

‘Core Concepts’ Programme

Learn the ‘Core Concepts’ to quality health in 3 days

In only three days you’ll gain real world techniques, thoroughly backed by research, to help actively improve quality of care. It’s highly interactive so you’ll learn theory through practice, which you can instantly apply to your work.

The first cohort starts February 2017. Learn the ‘Core Concepts’.

LIQH Fellowship Programme 

Make connections and start a successful improvement project

The LIQH Fellowship Programme allows you to build relations with colleagues across the city and develop group improvement projects in areas related to your work.

Over a period of 9 months you’ll develop your skills in a framework for improvement through interactive and practical methods. We call the approach the IMPROVE CARE model. It is adaptable to the unique situations you face and takes you through every stage of developing an improvement project.

Our new groups started November 2016. Want to join in 2017?

Postgraduate Taught Modules – Leadership in Health

job-35709-cihm-tree-image-croppedThrough these taught modules allow full time professionals to work towards a Postgraduate Qualification.

Each module is worth 15 credits and is condensed into 3 full day seminars, followed by an assignment.

Clinical Leadership and Management

Identifies what influences productive relationships and helps to develop techniques for good practice.

Commissioning for Whole Systems

Outlines how to commission health care for individuals and populations and introduces interactive scenarios and case studies.

Leadership Development Programmes

New Consultants and Lead Clinicians Leadership Development Programme

The Centre for Innovation in Health Management at The University of Leeds has been commissioned to develop Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust’s (LTHT) clinical leadership capacity for both lead clinicians and new consultants. The programmes will makes most of the difference in perspective between more experienced and accountable clinical leads and the freshness / newness of recently appointed consultants, as a way into valuing diverse perspectives and seeing wholes differently. Underpinning the whole programme is the theme of leading as peers. Being able to lead together is critical for leading LTHT into the feature.

IF you are a lead clinician or new consultant and would like to attend the programme, please get in touch with Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust.

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