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The Centre for Innovation in Health Management designed and delivered a multitude of bespoke programmes using its core principles and disciplines. Here are just some of the ones they did:

The Darzi Fellowship

NHS London commisioned CIHM to deliver the training for The ‘Darzi’ Fellowship in Clinical Leadership for Commisioning. The ‘Darzi’ Fellowship was launched to provide hospital registrars with postgraduate training in clinical leadership, and help transform London’s healthcare through service redesign.

The programme empowered around 50 fellows each year with the skills to create change. Fellows learnt what was needed to deliver change projects and developed organisational leadership skills for future roles as clinical leaders. Completion of the programme lead to potentially earning a Postgraduate Certificate in Leading in a Clinical Context from the University of Leeds.

The Fellowship was devised after The NHS Next Stage Review Final Report of 2008, commissioned and delivered by Secretary of State for Health and delivered by Professor the Lord Darzi of Denham. The report included emphasis on engaging clinicians in the restructuring of NHS services and attached importance to the acquisition of a non-clinical skills such as leadership, team-working, and teaching. Motivated by these aspirations The London Deanery, in conjunction with the Strategic Health Authority, NHS London, devised a yearlong fellowship programme, commencing in 2009.

CIHM delivered and developed this programme for seven years working with a great number of passionate individuals how are making gradual and sustainable changes throughout the system.

The Leeds Institute for Quality Healthcare

We can achieve great things through collaboration. This is why the The Leeds Institute for Quality Healthcare (LIQH) is a partnership. It unites the Centre for Innovation in Health Management (CIHM), the three Clinical Commissioning Groups, Leeds City Council, and the three NHS Trusts.

Together we developed and delivered three successful programmes for health and care professionals. Now over 150 individuals in Leeds have been provided with a toolbox of skills and collaborative networks needed to secure lasting improvements to healthcare.

If you’re interested in what improvement projects were started visit the LIQH website.

For an example of successes read this news story:

LIQH Groups to Improve Diabetes Care with £600,000 Investment

Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust’s Leadership Development Programmes

New Consultants and Lead Clinicians Leadership Development Programme

The Centre for Innovation in Health Management at The University of Leeds was commissioned to develop Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust’s (LTHT) clinical leadership capacity for both lead clinicians and new consultants.

The programmes made most of the difference in perspective between more experienced and accountable clinical leads and the freshness / newness of recently appointed consultants, as a way into valuing diverse perspectives and seeing wholes differently. Underpinning the whole programme is the theme of leading as peers. Being able to lead together is critical for leading LTHT into the feature.

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