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We are in it together – Accountable Care Systems

The Leeds Medical Senate programme recently went on a fact finding mission to Intermountain Healthcare and Rocky Mountain Health plans and IPS in Utah. We were looking to learn about accountable care systems.

How can we generate system-wide decision-making and accountability for complex care, that ensures high quality and low cost?

What the visit showed us was impossible to see from within our own health system. As a result of the visit and our previous work together the clinical leaders in the city have established a new Institute focusing on professional clinical quality with patients/service users and carers, which requires system level leadership. Your can read the full report below.

Lessons from Intermountain Healthcare – Developing Shared Accountability

This event shares the lessons from the visit, and how it relates to the UK, it will also help you think about how to generate Accountable Care across your health system.

View the presentation from the event below

CIHM Network Accountable Care Organisations

Each year the Centre for Innovation in Health Management at University of Leeds hold several open events that highlight the work we are undertaking and stimulate discussion around the unfolding innovations around our health system. If you would like to receive information on upcoming event please email cihm.leeds.ac.uk

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