Centre for Innovation in Health Management

About The Centre

The Centre for Innovation in Health Management (CIHM) provided education, training, and research to innovate, change and improve the NHS System. CIHM delivered several successful respected and impactful programmes.

Unique approach

Our approach takes a whole systems perspective to enable Clinical Leaders to lead systems innovation and change; manage effective current service delivery; build effective relationships within and across organisations and sectors in service to patients; be strategic; develop capable local teams; and improve services.

We have extensive experience of leadership and management development, working with professionals in the health systems and supporting cultural change. We work across all levels in organisations, services and systems, at all levels from executive level through to service users.

Inspired by international practice

CIHM approach involved a model of improvement that utilised systems, thinking, data analysis, co-production and influenced by international practice of Intermountain Healthcare.


Knowledge exchange – conferences, publishing papers, network events

We enable public sector professionals to come together through organisational and leadership development programmes.


The relationship between doctors and managers, and the impact this has on patient outcomes, is a major piece of research and has led to further development initiatives. Other research focuses on effective leadership development; governance in the public sector and the co-production of health.


New postgraduate programmes have come out of our research and organisational development work and we currently run a qualification for doctors as managers.

Developing web-based toolkits

These provide a ‘how-to’ guide as well as background reading, advice and links to people doing similar work. To see an example of this go to www.coproduction.org.uk.

Generating new knowledge and applying it

An inquiry we undertook on governance in the NHS showed that many managers and doctors want improved performance metrics. We now run workshops for teams wanting to improve the effectiveness of their performance management systems.

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